Naruto Anime Face Mask Konoha Madara Uchiha Cloth Face Mask



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Madara Uchiha Cloth Face Mask

  • FREE 5-layers filter for every face mask purchased at Teekoala
  • High-quality carbon activated filter 5 layers.
  • Fit and Work great, Easy insert/install and remove.
  • Anti Haze Anti Airborne Particle Dust Smoke Ash and more.
  • Please NOTE: This filter is not intended for medical use, and not proven to reduce the transmission of disease.
  • Each of our face masks in the Naruto Anime Collection is custom-hand-made with high-quality material

Madara Uchiha Cloth Face Mask is perfect for Madara Uchiha fans. It is part of a great collection of Naruto Anime Face Mask.




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