Coronavirus Christmas Ornament For Your Christmas Tree

Coronavirus Christmas Ornament

Looking for something new to spice things up your Christmas tree? How about a Coronavirus Christmas ornament? Sounds crazy, we know!

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic is something this generation will remember in the years to come, and some have even come up with a quite brilliant, yet crazy idea to celebrate this Covid19 Christmas.

Even though the Christmas season is not going to be anytime soon, people are now getting ready for the special holiday with tons of decorative items for their special pandemic Christmas tree, including the Coronavirus Christmas ornament. As crazy as it sounds, these holiday decoration items have sold out in the most classic yuletide shop.

So, what’s so enticing about these items that drive the Christmas market crazy? Allow us to give you all the gory details!


TeeKoala Brand – All About Us!

TeeKoala Logo

Our brand, TeeKoala is an Australia-based brand founded recently in 2020, by the genius duo Justin B and Scott H – that’s right, that’s us!

Our main product line includes clothing items and home ornaments manufactured with the most cost-effective and high-quality resources, distributed by local and overseas factories around the world at competitive rates that you cannot find elsewhere.

Price aside, the style and design of our product is also something promising to catch your eyes right, at first sight, this we are sure of. Here, we have a bunch of extraordinary little things that would certainly spice up both your ensemble and homey space here. And with the world being in the horrendous Covid19 Coronavirus crisis putting everyone’s life on the line, we even release some quality masks as an attempt to help the community!

As Christmas is tiptoeing nearby, to get into the spirit of the Holiday and have some peace of mind but still be well aware of the threat facing us, we have brought to the festival market one spectacular Christmas decorating item for your pine tree: The Corona Virus ornament!

It might seem rather… weird and unusual to hang a Coronavirus amid other home ornaments in your sanitary and virus-free haven, but keep calm, we will tell you how having this tree ornament can turn out to be a good thing.


Coronavirus Christmas Ornament – A Special Touch For Your Holiday

Coronavirus Christmas Ornament


The viral replica ornament is hand-crafted and was designed based on the electron microscopic image of the actual virus. It is made of lightweight craft foam, so you don’t have to worry about the ornament being too heavy that it might fall from the tree. Having it among all the Santa Claus, Christmas ball ornaments, twinkling lights, and other holiday decorations will add a nice touch to your Christmas tree.

We also added whole cloves to represent the spike proteins; these are painted in red, and the ornament itself is covered with grey-ish acrylic paint. The look resembles the real Corona microorganism by at least 90%. This pandemic ornament even comes with a rough surface to match the structure of the Corona Virus.

The item comes with a small “Coronavirus 2020” label, but you can take it off if you don’t feel like putting any phrases or words related to the life-threatening pandemic wrecking our world in your own personal space.

Why You Need It?

You must be wondering as to why you would ever want to have the symbol of the pandemic right in the comfort of your room while you just want Corona out of your life for good? We must be nuts, right? Well, just sit down, do not leave the site yet, have some hot chocolate if you can – sweet things are wholesome food for the mind, you know? We will tell you the reason now.

Coronavirus Christmas Ornament

This is, indeed, a bold move of us, we must say. But we have a good motive. We did not try to promote Corona, or neither did we attempt to spread a secret message that they want the whole world to go extinct.

Believe it or not, through this pandemic decoration, we are trying to instil the idea that we cannot let our guard down and allow ourselves to be the next victims!

You see, when the time for relaxation comes and people get to be with families or friends again (remember that all gatherings should be limited to 6 people and under, do not let yourself be carried away and end up breaking the social distance rule), we tend to be a bit careless, and that is all it takes for things to spin out of control.

Chances are slim, but in the spur of a moment, the masks can all go down and one might laugh into one’s face, or share the same drink. We do not mean anything bad, but you never know if that acquaintance of yours has the Covid19 Coronavirus or not, especially when you have not met them for months.

So, when your eyes land on this particular spiky COVID ornament, your wandering mind will instantly snap back to reality, remembering that it is risky to stop being wary. And so you will immediately get back to your sense. Pretty cool – don’t you think?

Having this around can also be a fun way to get all the attention in the Covid19 Christmas. Because there is no way your friends make no question about your choice of home ornaments. And when they start asking, you can go ahead and tell them what we have just revealed. Without any doubt, they will instantly be impressed with this clever and thoughtful idea of yours.

Besides, you can deny it all you want, but this little virus ornament is kind of cute, and it makes a perfect holiday decoration!


Coronavirus Christmas ornaments are exclusive and can only be found at our website – TeeKoala. Since these Christmas decorating items are all handmade, you may find them to be somewhat costlier than other products of the same categories, but no worries! You get what you pay for! We can speak with confidence that in no other place can you spot pandemic Christmas decorations akin to the COVID ornament we have to offer.

Moreover, if you do the shopping directly on our site, there are tons of coupons for you to choose from. Take advantage of them, and the total expenses can go down considerably. How awesome is that!

Note: For this lockdown Christmas, we have pushed our creativity to its limit, sending it to wilder zones than just Coronavirus so that you can have a good laugh when looking at our tree ornaments and have your mood lightened. You can find all sorts of witty and exclusive lockdown ornaments here.

Case in point, at our store, currently, we have Santa Clause, toilet paper – yeah, you hear it right, toilet paper Christmas tree ornament! We used to fight each other to death just for a roll. And – because why not? – Santa Clause holding toilet papers. Want some more good news? All are sold at a reasonable price!


Visit us to explore more interesting ornaments:


In Closing

While Coronavirus has sunk its teeth into Christmas with a wide variety of mementoes to mark the memorable year of 2020, the Coronavirus Christmas ornament from TeeKoala is a must-have item. Your Christmas tree wouldn’t be complete without one, or even two, or three (and do not forget that toilet paper Christmas tree ornament)!

By the way, Merry Christmas folks!



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