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Christmas is around the corner. Have you bought Christmas Ornaments 2020 yet? Scroll down to see some of the most beautiful Christmas items that you will love. 

Ornaments add the sparkle to your Christmas tree and let it steal the scene in your holiday decor. A Christmas tree would not be complete without fabulous ornaments.

Have you bought new Christmas decorations for this year?

Read this article to know the top 5 must-have items, as well as some fun facts and tips about Christmas ornaments. 


The Origins of Christmas Ornaments

The practice of decorating an evergreen on Christmas Day is believed to date back to the 16th century, and the pioneers were Germans. 

At that time, Germans put apples, nuts, berries, and candles on a pyramid tree to act out in Church plays. That tree was also known as the paradise tree, while the apple represented the forbidden fruit in the Bible. Later, Germans brought the tree inside and decorated it with more ornaments such as paper roses, wafers, candles, etc. It is said that Martin Luther, a German religious reformer, was the first to place candles on a Christmas tree in 1605.

In the 1800s, many Germans immigrated to America and brought along their traditions. The idea of decorating an evergreen indoors on Christmas quickly spread across America. Americans did not forget to show off their creativity by making ornaments out of anything, from nuts, fruits, cranberries, to strings of popcorns and metal foil.

Christmas tree decoration reached its peak of popularity in the late 1840s when Queen Victoria celebrated the holiday with her German husband around an evergreen decorated with Christmas ornaments. Soon commercial ornaments were widely introduced all over England and America.

Today, the Christmas tree has become a fully-integrated holiday tradition. People from every part of the world await that time of the year to decorate the tree and spend a cosy night with families.


Some Common Christmas Ornaments

Traditional Ball Ornaments

The first manufactured Christmas ornament was a glass ball, which came out during the 1800s. Its round shape was believed to represent the original decorations – fruits and nuts. Nowadays, injection moulding and plastic materials allowed for a wide variety of shapes and sizes when it comes to glass ornaments.

The Christmas Star

A well-decorated tree would not be complete without a golden star perched on top. The Christmas star is not only made for decorations but it also has religious meanings.

Do you know the reason why?

This star represents the Star of Bethlehem, which was believed to be a miraculous sign that led three wise men from the Earth (Magi) to where Jesus was born. These wise men gave Jesus gifts of myrrh, incense, and gold.


Ornate angels can be found perched on top or hung around the evergreen with other decorative accessories. The angels have religious origins as well.

In the Bible, an angel called Gabriel was the one who announced the birth of Jesus to Mary. The Christmas angels can be the representative of Gabriel, or simply the ones who watch over and protect us every day.

Candy Canes

Candy canes originated around 1670 in Germany. The ‘J’ shape resembled the crooks of the shepherds that visited Jesus when he was born. It was originally used to give children and help them sit still during Christmas services.

The original candy canes were simply sugar sticks with no colour and flavour at all. Not until around 1900 were the peppermint flavouring and the red stripes added. According to Christians, the peppermint means the hyssop plant that is used for purification in the Bible, while the red stripes represent the blood that Jesus shed while he was on the cross.

The Christmas Pickle

The Christmas pickle is quite different from the others. It does not have a religious meaning, since it first emerged as a game for children in the late 19th century. In that game, parents would hide a pickle ornament inside the trees and ask the children to find it. The one who was the first to find it would receive an extra gift on Christmas.


Top 5 Must-have Christmas Items This Season

#1 Christmas Ornament Personalized

My First Christmas Ornament

Your baby is going to celebrate the first Christmas? Let’s welcome the newest member of your family with this beautifully crafted newborn ornament

This heart-shaped Christmas ornament depicts a cute baby wearing a Santa hat. His eyes are wide open in excitement and curiosity about the outside world. More notably, his name is written on the hat for unique customization. It is undoubted that this personalized baby name ornament makes a perfect gift to preserve precious memories of the baby’s first Christmas.

#2 Wooden Ornament

All about 2020 Ornament

2020 is a year of chaos with the most chaotic event being the global pandemic. At this Christmas, do you want to commemorate this unprecedented year? Do not miss out on this 2020 Pandemic Christmas Ornament.

This nice pandemic ornament portrays everything you are familiar with during the quarantine, from the travel ban, face masks, toilet paper, to sanitizers. You can find a lot of activities that you do at home to kill away the time such as binge-watching Netflix, making Facetime calls with your friends, working out at home, etc. And last but not least, there are slogans that you always hear in 2020: wash those hands and stay at home.

Such a perfect quarantine ornament that sums up the chaotic 2020 within a small piece of wood, isn’t it? Skip, and you will miss it.

#3 Funny 2020 Ornaments

2020 A Year To Remember Christmas Ornament

Do you want to bring home some more Covid ornaments 2020? Take a look at this 2020 a year to remember Christmas ornament

The wooden Christmas ornament is designed like a checklist that includes every common item in the pandemic. For example, you can see an online school, a travel ban, hand sanitizers, toilet paper shortage, and many more. All the boxes are ticked to remind you of the unprecedented year 2020.

This would make a great addition to your collection of 2020 checklist ornaments. Each piece of ornament includes a satin ribbon for hanging on the Christmas tree.

#4 Captain America Sweater 2020

Captain America Ugly Christmas Sweater 2020

Ugly sweater day is around the corner. How about wearing a Superhero sweater 2020 this year? If you are a fan of Marvel, take a look at this unique Captain America sweater 2020.

The sweater is black, with many repeated patterns of the Captain America shield as well as the Christmas tree and snowflakes. There is a big image of the Captain in Pixel Art at the front. It looks exactly like the childhood sweater that your grandma made for you.

This one is indeed ‘ugly’, but that does not mean it is of low quality. In contrast, the sweater is 100% made of wool material to keep you warm even on the coldest day.

Are you going to buy an ugly Christmas sweater for a gift? This one is also a great option that you should take into account.

#5 Deadpool Sweater 2020

Deadpool Ugly Christmas Sweater 2020

To round up this must-have list, I would like to recommend this new pandemic ugly Christmas sweater. It is the same Superhero sweater 2020 as the Captain America above, but Deadpool is the main character this time.

Deadpool fans, are you here? Grab this ugly Christmas sweater 2020 right now and steal the spotlight in the upcoming party.


How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Ornaments

More NEW Christmas Ornaments 2020 are available at TeeKoala:

Everyone wants to decorate the perfect bling-bling Christmas tree for this holiday season, but do you know how to do it right? I will give you some tips on how to best adorn your evergreen in a festive yet stylish concept.

#1 Buy A Traditional Tree

Actually, you should buy a high-quality tree.

Why traditional evergreen instead of a trend-led one?

Well, the trend-led is eye-catching, but it may go out of style in a few years to come. Nothing compares to a classic traditional tree that offers a perfect base for decoration. In addition, high-quality artificial trees can withstand the test of time and repeated use. Thus, you can save lots of money on buying a tree every year.

You want a real evergreen at home on Christmas Day? It is simple enough. You can visit any tree farms, markets, or even DIY stores. Many kinds and styles are available there.

#2 Fluff the branches

This is to make your Christmas tree look more natural to the eye. Simply separate the branches so each one covers as much as possible. You should bend individual branches to fill in gaps if there are any. 

This task is easy but it takes much time to finish. Nonetheless, the result is worth it. Trust me, nothing is as appealing as a properly shaped tree.

#3 Pick A Christmas Theme

Decide on a key concept that ties the ornaments together. That way, your Christmas tree will have a more professional vibe, and you will find it easier to choose which ornaments to buy.

#5 Start With The Lights

Keep it in mind that when you decorate a Christmas tree, always start with the lights. Otherwise, it would be much more difficult to add lightings once you have already attached baubles and garlands.

The easiest way to add the lights is to wrap it around the trunk and work its way up. Keep wrapping the string of lights around the nearest branches before weaving it upwards. Once you reach the crown, work your way down to the branches until you reach the tips.

#6 Group The Baubles

I would highly recommend grouping three baubles to create a visually appealing evergreen. These three baubles should be of different sizes to produce contrasting effects. You can try arranging many clusters of beautiful baubles in a Z shape as well. Typically, a 7.5 ft tree needs about 80 baubles.

Make sure you place glass baubles at the top to avoid unwanted accidents.

#7 Choose A Tree Topper

To complete the look of your Christmas tree, you need a lovely topper. It can be a star, an angel, or anything that fits the key theme that you choose at the beginning. Have you thought about making your own topper?

#8 Finish With A Tree Skirt

The tree skirt is the last touch-up that your Christmas tree needs. It has many applications, such as covering the unattractive trunk and protecting the floors from scratches. Plus, it is an awesome base for Christmas presents.


Best Christmas Tree Themes You Should Try

#1 Impressionism

This theme is inspired by the 19th-century art movement, which revolved around modernity. Following the impressionism concept, your Christmas tree should look modern with a subtle palette of dazzling whites and silver. To further complement the theme, you can decorate the whole house in a white Christmas theme. It will surely make a strong impression on your guests.

#2 Renaissance

Give your Christmas new colours in this holiday season by embracing the Renaissance style, which is inspired by European art from 14th to 17 centuries. The key colours are in pastel tones, from soft blues to bounce pinks and greenery. There should be feathers and pearls as ornaments.

#3 Pop Art

Light up the whole house with a bright, bold, and multicoloured Christmas tree. When decorating the evergreen, you may feel like playing with lights and colours. It is really fun.

#4 Art Nouveau

This theme gives off an opulent and bold vibe that resembles the architecture in the Art Nouveau period. If you choose this theme, you can adorn the Christmas tree with silk, velvet fabrics, marbles, metallics in deep blues and yellow colours.

The Bottom Line

Christmas is coming to town, and it is time to adorn your evergreen with beautiful Christmas ornaments. Have you made up your mind on what item to choose? Apart from five products on the list, you can also check out some handmade ornaments here.

Hopefully, with beautiful ornaments I suggest and above tips and tricks, you can decorate the perfect Christmas tree this year.

Thank you for reading, and do not forget to stay tuned for our new posts.


See you soon!


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