2020 Pandemic Christmas Ornament

All about 2020 Ornament

All about 2020 Pandemic Christmas Ornament

All about 2020 Ornament

Get it here: https://teekoala.com/product/2020-pandemic-christmas-ornament/

This would make a great addition to the tree or a great gift for your family and friends.
Each ornament includes a satin ribbon for hanging on the Christmas tree

Celebrate the season and your favorite feline with these special ornaments.

** Please note that our ornaments are 1-sided ornaments **

Free Shipping for all Christmas Wooden Ornament Order

We know you love it

All orders will be packaged carefully by Teekoala’s enthusiastic team

Depending on which package of ornament you choose, the packaging box will be a kraft paper box or wooden box. Please read the table below carefully before placing your order 🥰

Teekoala Gift box table for ornaments

For further assistance about the 2020 Pandemic Christmas Ornament, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our TeeKoala support team will get back to you typically within 24hrs!

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